Prince George’s First Royal Tour

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Portal makes me so happy that I might cry.

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you’ll be happier if you watch this

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whales. beluga whales.
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perfect show.
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make me choose
unbowedprincess asked: house martell or house stark

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i’m all on board with shipping and stuff but sometimes i feel like tumblr gets so carried away with it that they don’t care about friendship. like awesome intense and emotional bro support. genuine gal pal power. we fly together we die together superhero buds. true friendship is so under valued.

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bridie gets upset about friendship at 10:30 in the pm. am i an anime character.


puppy slut

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hugh dancy. will graham. very important.

william shatner asked hank green to be on his GISHWHES team today and i sent like four snapchats of myself scaring my dog with a dolphin on a stick. what did you do today?

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hank green. william shatner. GISHWHES. i'm happy for hank though what an awesome oppurtunity.



Did William Shatner just ask Hank Green to be on his GISHWES team?

He did, and I really don’t know how to feel about it. Like…he’s William Shatner…does he really need /my/ help?

if william bloody shatner asks you to be on his GISHWHES team and you say no you are the biggest doofus in the whole of the internet, hank.

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oh my.


You're my mission.
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