Joan of Arc, from the twitter sketch dailies - I’m really late but I wanted to color this :)

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Song: I Fall In Love Too Easily
Artist: Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra — I Fall In Love Too Easily (1945)

I fall in love too easily
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too terribly hard
For love to ever last

This song sums up me perfectly

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franky S. smooth sailing. hERE'S LOOKIN' AT YOU.
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daddycamp. here look at ur science.
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Anonymous: fuk u. stop talking shit about cats.

caty duune i bet.

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*sees a dog* *gasps loudly*

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im so glad the internet has moved on from cats and onto dogs. so much better internet content.

i am every kind of trash under the sun but i’m better than like 99% of the world so what does that tell u about urself

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youtube videos are advertising national party when the fuck did we become the kind of country that allows political adverts outside of signs on fences

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the beginning of the end. keep ur agenda outta my media tyvm. nz.


A one-line summary of the last seventy-five years of the Batman franchise.

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reason number 1924027508275087 why i can't get on board with batman. sorry batman lovers u still have ur bat i just don't want him.
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Goofy garden dog.

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I’m his   p a t s y

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i thought that hotboxing meant turning up the heater really high and shutting all the doors and windows so everyone was toasty and warm for way too long

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this is my final text post tonight i swear.
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